We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings. Our passion is to help local musicians make awesome sounding recordings.
All rates include an engineer.


$45 per hour (Engineer incl.) or $400 for a 10 hr day

Want to have your music recorded in a world class studio with the best mics, instruments, and processors available? Book a recording session with Caine Lee at Red Lion Audio in Orlando FL and start your project off with a top notch recording. 


$50 per song

Mastering your song will add depth, clarity, width and loudness to your mix. This is the final step before sending your music out to be distributed commercially.  Caine Lee uses a mix of digital and analog compressors and EQ and the highest quality Analog to Digital conversion to polish off your music and get it ready for prime time.


$50 - $200 per song

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Weather you recorded in a world class studio or in your garage, Caine Lee can take your tracks and mix them into a cohesive quality song. Using a variety of digital, and analog processes, and offering re-amping and drum sampling, there is no track that he cannot work with.


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Need help writing, composing, or producing music? Contact Caine Lee for help with any audio project. Caine Lee can help take your song to the next level with production help or help create a more marketable product. Caine can also help with music for commercial projects weather it is original creation or mixing sound for film. Please contact for a custom quote.